Education for a new world
At GS, learning has always been fun.
We at GS, have always provided the best care & education to our little ones. Taking another step towards our resolve of providing the best fun learning.
Growinn steps is providing an online digital hub dedicated to Nurturing your child’s natural drive for independence , GS offers one-of-its kind, customized, purposeful and early learning activities for children as well as parents. We all love it when children discover their ” I can do it ”
Worried about your children’s growth. When the entire world is going after Secondary education, thinking that is critical, but sidelining the foundation of the same, Grow Inn Steps brings you the solution you had been looking for all your small children related worries. We are bringing pre schools
  • To your rooms
  • At your convenience
  • Multiple reinforcements
  • With a curriculum of your choice
  • In the most transparent manner
  • Involving your children
  • Making sure the learning curve is up and running
It gives you a single platform to indulge your children into the activities as per convenience and time slots available. You have the liberty of choosing sessions as per your assessment, It is completely flexible and child centric.
Curriculums are real time customized and the same is reflected in the programs as well,
Programs & activities vary depending upon the age of the child and certain other criteria. Please fill the form below to get more details & have a one on one call with our Parenting help. The same shall guide you through the things.