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About Us

Grow inn steps is india’s first & the only 360° education marketplace, working as an enabler for education, knowledge & skills to reach out to the people across the globe. We are a platform where in for the first time in the history of education you will have the freedom to choose :

  • What to learn?
  • Whom to learn from?
  • The methodology?

Transparency is something which we felt is completely missing from the education delivery system and there are things which have different opinions. So we came up with growinn steps wherein education is based on facts and not opinions. On our platform you as a customer shall find an enormous number of trainers from all over the world, all of whom are experts at different levels in their areas of expertise, giving the customer freedom to meet the resources they couldn’t have access to before.

If we remember closely , we bring our child to a particular stream due to our peers doing something without even realising what our child wants to do or learn – some reasons for this are limited access to other opportunities, limited employment opportunities in the same.