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Why Us

The school’s spacious Montessori classrooms are bright, full of life, and well-resourced with the best Montessori learning materials available internationally. The Montessori materials in each classroom and the customized curriculum has been specially designed to motivate and encourage hands-on learning, independence, problem-solving, and concentration.

In addition to this, we also offer lively outdoor play areas, gardens, teach gross & fine motor activities, allow stage exposure, teach table manners, etiquettes, and provide sandpits. A natural environment offers children the ideal place to imagine, explore, learn, grow and discover at their own pace.

The after school activities incorporate Taekwondo, Skating, Flameless Cooking, Personalized tuitions, Abacus and Vedic Mathematics, Swimming and Phonetics among others.

The ultimate goal of Grow Inn Steps Montessori Preschool is to help children develop creatively, intellectually, socially and emotionally in order to make them school ready, and give them a strong foundation of skills for their future.