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    What It Means

    Do you want to own a preschool but are afraid of the challenges and responsibilities that come with it? GrowInnSteps has the perfect solution – a hybrid Partner Owned-Company Operated preschool franchise model that allows you to explore your future as a budding edupreneur minus the responsibilities and financial risks.

    The Partner Owned-Company Operated franchise model relies on a philosophy of partnership that emphasizes cooperation and transparency to unlock long-term business benefits. In this partnership model, we will work together to make your entrepreneurial initiative a success. You will have complete ownership rights to the preschool with only a minimum amount of investment and we will take care of the rest.

    Low-Investment Preschool Franchise Opportunity


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    About GS

    Growinnsteps is one of the fastest-growing preschool & childcare providers in India, fostering holistic growth throughout the formative years of a child’s life. Our profitable preschool franchise opportunity enables Indian entrepreneurs to create a robust & interactive education environment for the tiny tots. By partnering with Growinnsteps, you will not only lead playschool education for young minds but also be a valuable part in the making of our country’s future, while finding success as an entrepreneur – professionally & personally.