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Average Annual exp. on Pre Schooling

School graph

There is a remarkable increase in the Pre School Expenditure over the past 15 years.
People are looking for quality Education right from the beginning.


A Recession Free Sector
As awareness about quality education has risen tremendously, parents today strictly do not take chances with their children’s schooling, especially in those vulnerable first 6 years. Therefore, no matter what the economic conditions are, our children remain our main concern, an investment we unwilling to compromise upon. This consciousness towards a quality pre-school education is prevalent in both urban and rural areas of the country, whether amongst literates or otherwise. Hence, it’s a great opportunity for any person who genuinely seeks to deliver a promising education to the society. Besides, it assures the entrepreneur a fulfilled life personally and professionally.

Flourishing Indian Market for Pre-school Franchises
Speaking objectively, the market size of preschool industry in India is exponential, with an amazingly better scope in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. According to a report by dnaindia, the pre-school market in the smaller cities is growing at a whopping 120% per annum. Another recent report by wiseguyreports.com estimates that the overall preschool market is set to bloom in India with an estimated compound annual growth rate of 21.84% between years 2016-2020.

Excellent for New Entrepreneurs
Franchising removes the risk of failure by providing ‘domain expertise,’ thereby reducing the gestation period of any business while generating revenues right from day one. It is a proven business model and is safe for not only serial entrepreneurs, but new ones who want to invest in a more secured manner. The additional factor of education industry being practically free from economic slowdowns has made pre-school franchising a profitable trend today.

The decision to extend a proposal for franchising came naturally to GS, given the escalating positive responses of the children and their families. Our intelligent revenue management has led to GS becoming a great financial, not to forget, entrepreneurial decision for our investors. We extend our hands to partner with you.

Brand Value and Credibility
While GS as a brand came into operation last year, our infrastructure and education methodology is more inclusively satisfying for the parents, as compared to many other pre-schools in Delhi today. A pre-school’s credibility is dependent on the parent’s testaments and we’re proud to declare that the families have been more than satisfied and infact, willing to participate, in the school’s development.

Excellent Marketing Initiatives
GS, since the time of its inception, has never compromised with its Marketing initiatives. This, because we realise, that brand building is long term and never ending process. Apart from constantly updating the methodology of teaching, the promotional acivities also need to be versatile and ever-progressing. As an investor and partner, you shall be free from the worries of brand building exercises, except when you need to take initiatives for your Franchise area.

A Practical and Hands-on Curriculum and Best Teaching Practices
You, as a partner, will be teaching children at your pre-school franchise, the way you would want for your own child. The teaching methods are unique to each child, depending on his/her distinctive interests, speed of learning and other needs. This ensures that a gifted talent never goes waste. GS has a much better probability of producing children who can think for themselves and get independent early-on, making you a proud administrator of the school.

Continued Assistance by Us
We work on the model ‘Franchise-Owned-Company-Operated’ (FOCO). As a parent Company, GS, shall think of you as a noble partner, who has the similar ideals and objectives in delivering education. Therefore, right from assisting in finding a suitable site for the franchise, infrastructural assembling to continuous updates on educational developments, teacher recruitment and training, the partners shall be assured a smooth path with an ever-present mentoring.



What is the kind of investment needed to start a GS Pre-school?
Primary investment would largely depend upon the locality of the investor’s property, the number of expected students the school is aiming at and the kind of services the company and the investor is considering to offer.

I am considering to begin at a low cost initially. Is my wish to expand slowly based on the response possible?
GS is incredibly serious about the ‘quality of education’ it provides. And therefore, if the investor isn’t enthusiastic about the initial investment, there would be an obvious deficiency in what we claim and what we deliver. Hence, we strictly do not encourage this thought process.

When do I have to pay the Franchise fee?
Franchise fees shall be payable at the time of signing the agreement. The investor shall be given the opportunity to pay in two decided halves, if the Franchise stands in the ‘Platinum Category’.

Should I be aware of any other hidden costs?
Not at all. We like to remain transparent and fair in our procedures.

Is the royalty payable on revenues or on net income? What is the frequency of payments?
The royalty has to be borne on revenue, which shall be further settled through an escrow account. The terms of the agreement signed should be additionally considered for the ‘periodicity of payment,’ that the investor is liable for.

Are there any conditions I need to comply with for building/renovation of the school?
We do have a number of firm conditions the investor would need to comply with, in order to fulfill optimum educative standards. We shall be recommending definite guidelines for the interiors of the Franchise property. However, the investors are free to source the materials from a seller of their choice.

How much will it cost per month to run such a school?
The cost to be incurred monthly by the Franchise owner shall again depend upon the initially discussed factors – the location of the property, , the number of expected students the school is aiming at, and the kind of services the company and the investor is considering to offer.


Do I need to be in possession of a property or can I go ahead with a leased/rented property?
It is absolutely fine if the investor is looking forward to operate the GS Franchise on a leased property, if the terms of lease fall within a considerable future duration, so as to prevent unnecessary hiccups. The GS administration shall, in any case, evaluate the rental value of your property and the cost of capital on infrastructural development, for its personal assurance and understanding.

What is the minimum area needed to start a GS pre-school? Does the space have to be Residential, Agricultural, Institutional or Commercial?
A minimum space of 2000 sq. ft. is required and can go up to 15,000 sq. ft. The property should be permitted by local laws to be able to run a preschool facility.

Would I be following any guidelines for a new construction?
In case of a new construction for the purpose of a GS Franchise, the investor shall be following the specifications of our architect.

What is an ideal location for a GS Pre-school? Is there any decisive factor for sanction of a site?
This has to be judged subjectively, after knowing the exact location the investor proposes. Kindly contact us with the details for clarity of response.

Would you help in finding out a suitable place to start the school?
Sure we will. We consider our investors as our partners, who aspire to grow with us. Post the signing of a formal agreement, we will be openly helping you with the site selection activities.


What is the duration for which the Franchise agreement is legal?
Minimum validity for the agreement is 9 years, which can be renewed later.

How long does it take for the pre-school to start its operations after signing the agreement?
It should precisely be taking 2 to 6 months for the complete development of the Franchise site, in such a way that it is adequately prepared to start with the operations.


What is the curriculum and methodology at GS?
GS follows the path laid down by Late Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian educator and Physician, who stated that the school curriculum should emphasise on learning as a gradual process that cannot be accessed by the child’s age. Learning, as we believe too, should be determined by the individual speed of child’s learning. Hence, the next skill is only taught once the previous skill is satisfactorily acquired.

We respect each child’s individual preferences and provide a nurturing environment to teach social interaction and emotional skills based on self-directed activities, hands on learning and collaborative play.

Do I need a specific educational license?
You do not necessarily need any licenses. If there is any need the same, it shall be promptly communicated and asked for.

Will I, as a partner, be assisted by the company for recruitment of the faculty and their training?
We work on the model ‘Franchise-Owned-Company-Operated’ (FOCO). Hence, the investor shall be completely free from any burdens.

Does your company decide the fee to be asked from the parents for each program, or is it my decision?
We will collectively be deciding the fee depending upon the area, facility and services.

Do you assist in Marketing?
Yes, at times we would be guiding the investors about the kind of marketing activities they should be undertaking in their area. To let you know further, GS is engaged in brand building activities from time to time. While the company will be doing the necessary marketing for its brand name, the local area-specific promotional activities need to be taken care of by the Franchise owners.

Is it obligatory to source the equipment from the company for setting up the school?
The investor can source the necessary equipment from his/her choice of seller.

How many students could I be expecting at my Franchise?
We abstain from providing projections of the number of students expected, since it largely depends on the location of the proposed Franchise, competition existing in the area and many other macro and micro factors.


What qualification do I need to start your Franchise?
The Franchise owner needs to be passionate towards a collective vision of making fruitful changes to the children’s future. A belief in oneself and in the brand of GS is essential. No basic educational qualifications are required otherwise.

Is it possible to turn the existing pre-school I own into GS?
It is surely possible, but the property would need to meet the company’s standards. Do I necessarily need to be personally involved in the GS Franchise? No, you don’t need to be personally involved in the daily operations of the Franchise, till you are keeping a necessary check on your financials, staff and parental concerns, once in a while.


We allow our Franchise Partner to sell goods, services or concepts that are offered by Grow Inn Steps.

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