At GS, we help the child to understand learning as something fun, Help them to develop social skills.

KG (KINDERGARTEN) is a term coined in mid 1800’s in Germany to start off with an approach of learning through dancing, art forms, socialising for a smooth transition for children from home to school.

They learn to open up, share, and make friends. Children learn free expression and creative ways to learn. They can later apply these methods when they reach higher grades. By preparing them early, the transition from home to school and also learning the basics for further grades becomes hassle free.

The academic sessions for KG at Gs are specifically designed by seasoned curricula planners that aim at imbibing the children with the apex level of knowledge to make them acclimatised to the formal school environment. You’d be surprised how your child would blend into the formal school turf without the feeling of being alienated. The concepts introduced are significantly indigineoused to meet out the requirements of every ward, which in turn reflects the growing acceptance of our program .