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4 years to 5 years

The right Kindergarten experience can help children unravel a world of learning & exploration that is fun & exciting. At Grow Inn Steps, we understand that. Our Kindergarten Program is designed to provide a wholesome kindergarten experience to young minds, enabling them to prepare for school & for life through a hands-on, creative approach to learning.

The program caters to the learning needs of children between 4 to 5 years, offering a curriculum that delves deeper into language, numbers, and the natural world for a more comprehensive understanding. It helps the little kids cultivate their reading & writing abilities, creative thinking, problem-solving & decision-making skills by placing them in a group of peers. Overall, the Kindergarten Program at Grow Inn Steps aids in the continuous development of communication, body language, character, morals, healthy habits, and cognitive abilities.

We Offer Endless Learning Adventures For Your Toddlers

We believe in fostering strong bonds between parents and their toddlers through our nurturing and interactive environment.

Let your child discover, play, and learn
at the best toddler school in Rohini.

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Why Choose GrowInn Steps as Your Parenting Partner?

We believe that each toddler is a unique individual with limitless potential. Our play school near you offers endless opportunities to nurture little ones.