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Have you grown up listening to desi songs? The spark in those songs lets your leg moves automatically without any second thought. Energetic moves, rocking songs, and vibrant expressions are part of online Bollywood dance classes. 

The name Bollywood comes from the largest film industry in the world known as ‘Hollywood.’ It belongs to the name of the Hindi film industry in Mumbai, formerly known as Bollywood dance. The typical films are usually energetic musicals with timeless love stories and breathtaking dance routines. They are fairly reminiscent of our 1940s musicals. The same choreography is danced with as many people as feasible in the movie.

But, do you know the health benefits of learning Bollywood dance online

Health Benefits of Bollywood Dance 

We often hear do exercises and be fit and healthy. Isn’t it? Some people prefer gyms, while others engage themselves in physical activities like dancing, yoga, walking, swimming, and many others. Physical activity is the core aspect of development for people of all ages. And, if this fitness comes with fun then it would be a golden fish for us. Bollywood dance is a kind of fitness activity that can assist people of all age groups in living healthier and happier life.

Here’s a peek at the advantages of online Bollywood dance classes– 

  • Uplifts your mood- 

Serotine is a stress-relief hormone released when we are engaged in some physical activity and it controls our moods. The low level of serotine is popular to cause anxiety, sleep problems, depression, and other mental health-related problems. Bollywood dance is an energetic dance form that will help you maintain the level of serotine in your body. 

  • Promotes Heart and Lung Health- 

Indulging in exercise benefits your health unexpectedly. Besides, stimulating mental health in children will promote their heart and lung health. In Bollywood dancing classes, your heart and lungs work tough to maintain up with your body, and as a result, you become stronger.

  • Improves Strength and Balance- 

Bollywood dance is a vigorous dance form that involves a full-body workout. All the muscles in your body are activated when you begin to dance to the Bollywood beats. Besides this, it will tone and strengthen your muscles simultaneously. According to the studies, dancing assists in improving balance, which generally falls with age. 

  • Promotes Social Interaction- 

Learning energetic Bollywood dance moves in a group will let you interact with the people around you. Live interactive online classes will let you promote social interaction with others and open the way for networking. 

  • Builds Stamina- 

Practicing Bollywood dance daily will build stamina in you. Increased stamina will keep you energetic and motivated longer than usual. You can practice vigorous moves to rocking songs in online Bollywood dance classes from the comfort of your own home. 

  • Improves Oxygen Supply- 

If you are looking for aerobic exercise then Bollywood dance is a great option for you as it comprises various active and energetic movements. As a result, the classes will allow you to boost the supply of oxygen through the body while ensuring that the muscles in your body get adequate oxygen to keep you active. 

Fun Facts about Bollywood Dance 

Facts make us more curious to learn anything. Isn’t it? Bollywood dance is an ancient dance form that is in controversy because of various facts mentioned below- 

  1. Bollywood dance in the 1960s was highly impacted by cultural folk dance which later with arises into disco dance in the 1970s the moves began to get affected by them. However, since the 1980s the greatest influence on popular Bollywood dance has been western dance styles. 
  2. Popular fashion and music were also the main factors that were influencing the popularity of Bollywood dance. Ancient Bollywood dances were presented before Hindu deities during the harvesting festival.
  3. The name Bollywood was taken from an amalgamation of the words ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Bombay.’ However, the term ‘Bollywood’ is only limited to Hindi language movies. 
  4. The success of the Bollywood dance can be determined by the quality of their songs and dance moves. 

How to learn Bollywood dance from the beginning? 


Are you passionate about learning dance but are confused that which dance form would be great for you? And whether you can learn that style at home or not? Bollywood dance is the best dance form for beginners that you can learn in the comfort of your home. 

An Online Bollywood dance course with Grow Inn Steps will introduce you to the basics of dance style. The live-interactive classes by an experienced teacher will familiarise you with all Bollywood dance moves. 


Physical activity is an important part of our daily lives. And if fitness involves fun then wouldn’t it be amazing? Bollywood dance course with Grow Inn Steps will indulge you in fun and let you maintain healthy body weight.


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