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The preschool market is one of the richest business opportunities in India. It reached $331 million in 2019 and is expected to grow to $735.15 million by 2026.

Understanding the Preschool Franchise Market in India

There are more than 33,000 preschools running successfully across India. However, only 10% of the preschool market in India is organized.

Preschool franchises are the key to organizing the remaining 90% of the playschool industry. If you invest in one of the best preschool franchises in India, you can expect the best returns with minimum risk, and that too with low investment.

However, you will make the right bid by investing in a progressive brand.

By browsing the best play-school franchise prospects in India, you will see that the entire preschool business can be divided into top preschool franchises and low-cost preschool franchises.

If given a choice, most of us would be inclined towards low-cost franchises. However, the best way to make a final decision between the best preschool franchise or a low-cost preschool franchise is to analyze the differences.

Best Preschool Franchises and Low-Cost Preschool Franchises Differentiators

We can do it like this –

  • Effective market research
  • Listing the Pros and Cons of Leading Brands of Preschool Franchises
  • An in-depth analysis of the low-cost Playschool franchise model
  • Comparing Long Term Profits and Losses
  • Time-lapse to capture returns
  • All other financial and non-financial analysis

If you are serious about investing in the most promising preschool investment sector in India, we have outlined all the benefits and drawbacks related to it.

Top 5 Deciding Factors for Choosing Between Best and Low-Cost Play School Franchise

There is no standard cost for starting your own play school, and the same applies to starting preschool franchise entrepreneurship. The more features and support the play school has from the franchisor, the higher the franchise cost and overall investment.

If you are new to the education industry, before starting preschool; You will be aware of the following –

  • Factors Affecting Play School Franchise Cost
  • Possible reasons for low- and high-end preschool franchises
  • Investment return
  • Requirements to Become a Preschool Franchise
  • Most importantly, reasons to sign or leave a franchise

You can find a detailed comparison of low-cost and best-play school franchises on the Essential Factors blog.

Best Play-School and Daycare Franchise

How can you tag that franchise as the best one? Here are the potential differentiators.

  1. Support by the franchisor

Virtually all franchisors promise assistance, but how many follow through?

franchise support

So, this is the first distinguishing factor for a reliable franchise of preschool. They don’t describe their support in mere words, they have everything documented.

Such franchisors provide end-to-end support, they will help you set up your center from the beginning, and their support never ends. Preschool and daycare franchisees do not necessarily have an educational background.

A genuine preschool franchisor –

  • Provide guidance for branch setup and launch
  • provide you with a planned curriculum
  • Assistance in recruitment and training
  • Explain in detail the necessary tips for safety and hygiene
  • Provide you with an organized and centralized system to run your business

In short, the best franchisors are not only invested in your success, but they also have a plan for failure and will support you in any situation.

Some examples of the best play school franchises in India offering unmatched support are:

  • Grow Inn Steps Preschool Franchise
  • Petals Preschool & Daycare Franchise
  • Kidzie Franchise
  • Eurokids Pre-School Franchise
  • Maple Bear Kindergarten Franchise
  • Sanford Kindergarten Franchise, and more.

Therefore, check the documents thoroughly before signing a play school franchise.

  1. Optimized returns on investment

A prosperous franchise model provides the best returns on your investment. This is a tried and tested model, and they detail projected returns upfront. Top preschool franchises in India offer an estimated ROI between 25-35%.

Some of the best players in the preschool market committed to optimized returns are:

  • Grow Inn Steps Preschool Franchise
  • Petals Preschool & Daycare Franchise
  • Little Millennium Franchise
  • Footprints Franchise
  • Kidzie Pre-School Franchise
  • Shamrock

Brands offering franchises are confident about the returns as they provide the best facilities in their pre-schools and daycare centres.

  1. Transparency

If you’re at a franchise meetup and you hear about the challenges or risks before the perks, that’s as long as you’re in the right place. It is important to understand the stakes before signing on for any business, as no business is risk-free.

The only advantage of associating with an existing playschool business is that if you get stuck somewhere you already know the solution.

Moreover, the franchisor is always at your disposal. They will guide you and support you whenever and wherever required.

Top pre-school and daycare franchisors that maintain transparency with franchises:

  • Grow Inn Steps – Preschool Franchise
  • Petals Preschool and Daycare Chain
  • Shamrock
  • Shemford
  • Little Millennium
  • FirstCry Intellinotes

Therefore, when you plan to invest in the early years childcare industry, you can consider the above franchise brands as your priority.

  1. Recruitment and training

The success of your daycare and preschool is highly dependent on your staff. If a parent opts for a high-level investment in early childhood education, they also expect exceptional outputs. As a newcomer to an education startup, you may find it difficult to hire the right people. On the other hand, the best preschool franchisor will select the best team for you.

Additionally, they also run special training programs for the employees to maintain uniform standards across all their branch centers. The kindergarten franchisors mentioned below are very specific in assigning staff to their branch partners.

  • Grow Inn Steps Preschool Franchise
  • Petals Preschool & Daycare
  • footprints
  • Kedzie
  • EuroKids
  • Maple Bear

Establishing a play-school franchise is very convenient when you are associated with such thriving brands.

  1. More profits

Today, an average Indian in metro cities spends around Rs 15-25k/month to get uncompromising early childhood care. Here, playschools and daycare centers are affordable and safest options for working parents. Such innovations in the preschool industry encourage more and more parents to enroll their children in preschool, thereby increasing profits for entrepreneurs.

Here, if you choose to open the best play school franchise, you already have the trust and goodwill of the audience. Top preschool franchises can help you get more profits. It provides you around 80-100% more benefits when it comes to Grow Inn Steps Preschool and Daycare. Now the question arises how does the scenario change when you choose a low-cost preschool franchise instead of the best kindergarten franchise?

Low-cost preschool franchise

You must have often seen advertisements of preschool franchises that claim to start your own play school in 5 to 10 lakhs. Let’s see how possible it is to start a preschool at low cost.

Is there any difference between low-cost preschool and best play school franchise?

If yes, what?

Is it even possible to start a low-cost preschool? If yes, is it possible to continue your business in the long run and earn the desired profits?

Facts about Low-Cost Pre-K Franchises (Play Schools)

We have already discussed above what the differentiators of premium preschool franchises are. Here, in this section, we will learn about the realities of cheap play school franchises.

  1. Approximation, not refinement

All brands offering you preschool franchises at low prices give details of the estimated investment. They never consider all the factors to perfect the preschool and daycare setup. The costs proposed by the franchisor may include the cost of the franchise and equipment.

However, it may not include the following expenses:

  • Lease a place
  • Interior Design and Setup
  • Operating costs
  • Recruitment, Training and Salary
  • Royalty fees and more

In short, we can say that they do not maintain transparency and try to lure any franchisee with incomplete information.

  1. Minimum facilities

Today, parents want to enroll their children in preschool and daycare centers with the utmost facilities. Top pre-k schools and daycare centers provide an uncompromising learning experience.

On the other hand, low-cost franchises may compromise with:

  • Child-friendly environment
  • Safety and hygiene
  • Holistic development
  • Certified employee
  • Teacher-student ratio, and others

Minimal features mean less appeal to parents, leading to minimal penetration and less profit for your business.

  1. No or little support

Preschool and daycare franchises or investors will not necessarily be related to the education industry. So, if you are investing in a preschool franchise as a common man, you need a franchisor for the smooth functioning of your business.

It is not possible to get the desired assistance from a low-cost franchise. A top franchise holds your hand-

  • Pre-launch
  • During launch, and
  • Even after launch

For low-cost franchises, it is often seen that they provide pre-launch support but after that, you have to manage everything yourself.

You have to fight for it-

  • Marketing
  • Admissions
  • R&D
  • Planning and school management, and many other things

If you invest in all the things that the franchisor does not provide, your investment automatically increases.

  1. No guarantee of success

Investing in a reliable business model ensures your success. The franchisor stands with you and makes every possible effort to grow your business. As an established brand, their goodwill and legacy matter to them. Every branch of decay is a matter of concern for them.

Therefore, they put in enough effort that none of their franchises have to struggle. However, for a low-cost play school franchise, you take a risk. There are no:

  • Rescue plan
  • Guaranteed Entry
  • High-end facilities
  • Advanced courses
  • Nutritious food for children
  1. Struggles and Challenges

Investing in a cheap kindergarten franchise can be just as challenging as starting your own preschool. You will face many challenges and you will find solutions to them on your own.

Moreover, by signing the franchise agreement you will have to follow their norms, which will not be true if you start your own preschool.

All the above factors combined are responsible for the closure of preschool and daycare centers associated with low-cost franchises.


All the above factors combined are responsible for the closure of preschool and daycare centers associated with low-cost franchises.

Do all the ground research, interact with different franchisors, compare multiple models, and then decide wisely. The above blog details several considerations for choosing the right play school and daycare franchise.

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