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Important Note:

All the information in this article is taken from the information mentioned in the official websites of the Franchises stated below dated on 12.05.2023.

The Indian Education Sector is a budding field for business ventures in the present day. In India, parents invest a lot in the education of their children. Playschool Franchise is one of the best investments to start a business in this sector.

This article will help the reader to discover some of the best low-investment playschool franchises in India.

Grow Inn Steps

Growinnsteps is one of the leading preschool & childcare proviers in India, fostering holistic growth throughout the precious formative years of a child’s life.

Their profitable preschool franchise opportunity enables Indian entrepreneurs to generate a healthy and interactive educational environment for the children.

The pan-India presence of Growinnsteps allows them to navigate the Indian preschool franchise business more proactively, leveraging which they aim to build a network of preschool partners that redefines the early years of education.

The centres of Grow Inn Steps are carefully curated to the needs of young children and provide top-notch care and education according to their needs.

The efficient curriculum of the Grow Inn Steps is also designed with the different capacities of the children in mind.

According to the website, The Grow Inn Steps provides courses ranging from diverse academic subjects to subjects leaning towards extracurricular and building hobbies.  The Grow Inn steps also provide courses in Music, Dancing, spoken English, and even different art forms.

Why choose Grow Inn Steps?

According to their website, Grow Inn Steps provide support with,

  • Marketing and Operational Support
  • Teaching Aids
  • Multilayer Support System
  • Researched Curriculum and activities
  • Infrastructural assistance
  • Technical Training and Recruitment Support

According to their website, support is provided for-

  • Training
  • Academics
  • Admissions
  • Set-up support
  • Recruitment
  • Material
  • Space Selection

GD Goenka Toddler House

The GD Goenka Toddler House provides wide-ranging mentoring and has the best infrastructure and Interior Design with teachers who have been efficiently trained with various teaching aids.

The Curriculum has been structured based on an international pattern to ensure the proper and healthy development of children.

The GD Goenka Toddler House make sure our Franchise partners meet the specific standards to guarantee the proper care of the children and the upliftment of GD Goenka Toddler House.

As an education franchise in India, GD Goenka has spent more than 28 years in the field of education, with more than 150 + schools and preschools under its umbrella.

According to their website, the GD Goenka Toddler House provides extensive mentoring for,

  • Infrastructure & Interior Design
  • Teacher Recruitment & Training
  • Teaching Aids
  • Curriculum Based on International Pattern
  • Student Study Kit
  • Marketing Support

The Kangaroo Kids

The Kangaroo Kids is one of the most reliable brands in the childcare and education enterprise in India.

The Kangaroo Kids focus on the well-rounded healthy development of children.

Once signed up, Kangaroo Kids provides all-day-round support as an investor establishes their Preschool Franchise.

The Kangaroo Kids has a network of 130+ handpicked preschools across India.

According to the website, Kangaroo Kids provide-

  • Child-led Curriculum
  • Comprehensive Training Program
  • Centre Launch and Partner Induction
  • Marketing Support

IKIDZ Franchise

The IKIDZ Franchise provides a partnership with a low investment according to the investor’s ease.

IKIDZ also provides augmented reality technology and ample marketing aid. They will supervise the recruitment of the teachers and support staff.

Any operational issue that arises along the way will be resolved with the support of IKIDZ.

According to their website, the efficient curriculum developed by Ikidz is of purely international standard.

The curriculum is an exclusive blend of traditional play-way methods and modern technology. It will shape the personality of the child in terms of values, skills, analytical knowledge and visual perception with interactive tools.

It will focus on holistic development through interesting activities facilitating the cognitive, emotional, social and physical development of the child.

It will also focus on hands-on experience for children along with interesting field trips, special days, culminating activities and learning through exploration.

According to the website of the IKIDZ, they provide

  • an Integrated Curriculum, Assessment & Assignments
  • Onsite Teachers & Counsellors Training
  • Supply of School Equipment
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • School Software
  • Office Stationery,
  • Ongoing support to all their partnerships.

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