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Due to their qualities, acrylic colors are very popular among artists. If you are learning the art from the beginning or studying to become a professional artist, acrylic colors are the first choice for everyone. 

Here are the following reasons why acrylic painting classes online are preferred by artists. 

Reasons why online acrylic painting classes is best-

  • Acrylic paints dry quicker- 

In comparison to oils, acrylics have the property to dry a lot faster. While painting this quality of acrylic painting is a major benefit a painter can get as they don’t need to wait for a longer period of time to layer the art. 

While learning acrylic painting online you can easily discover the changes in your art. 

  • Basic tools to start off- 

Acrylic is a medium that doesn’t require a lot of tools to start the painting process. While oil painting requires many (sometimes costly) equipment (Paint, solvents, mediums, brushes, canvas or board, and others). However, acrylic painting only requires four primary tools such as paint, a brush, a cup of water, and a surface. 

  • Start painting anywhere- 

People who are passionate about art began to paint where they sleep. Hence, while doing acrylic painting doesn’t need any specific area with other additional requirements. However, oil painting demands a ventilated area which is expensive in both aspects of finance and your health. 

Quick tips to make your acrylic painting a great art piece

As we are already familiar that acrylic paintings are top-notch art forms for beginners and have many characteristics. Now, let’s find out some tips to make your painting look more attractive and have a professional touch- 

  • Finish your painting quickly

Unlike other paints, acrylic paints have the property to dry faster. If you want to paint in layers, then acrylic painting is a great activity. Before holding the brush in your hand keep your idea ready and paint it off to canvas quickly. If you spend time repainting, then your acrylics may become less responsive. 

  • Take limited paint in your palette: 

While working with acrylics you should be careful with the amount of paint you are taking in your palette. As they have a property to dry quickly, they may get hardened while you’re waiting for the layers to get dry. The painting colors may not get back into the tube because of dryness. 

  • Be careful while blending: 

If you want to add more colors to your palette and create a more vibrant landscape on your canvas, then blending your existing colors is a great way. However, you must do this correctly. If you blend too quickly then the bubbles will start creating in your paint. 

  • Wash off Brushes with Soap and Water: 

Other varieties of paint, such as oils and oil mediums, may require you to clean your brushes with oil or mineral spirits, while acrylics do not. All you need is a little warm water and shampoo to clean your brushes, and the acrylic paint will wash right off. 

  • Make solid colors without any medium: 

When blended heavily with titanium white, any color can be transformed into a solid color. You’ll get the opaque or even transparent shade that you are looking for. It is recommended to leave the mixture thick with just the titanium white and the color that you want to choose instead of adding water. You can also give a watercolor painting touch by adding little water to thin it down in it. 

Where to learn acrylic painting? 

Acrylic painting is an art of various tricks and techniques. If you are planning to learn acrylic painting then you will need the assistance of an expert trainer. However, it is very difficult to find a qualified professional at a nearby location. This challenge for finding the best teachers now you can overcome by learning with the fastest growing e-learning platform- Grow Inn Steps. 

Grow Inn Steps online acrylic painting course online is for all age groups. Starting from kids to adults, people from all age groups can learn from the beginning and discover artistic parts in themselves. 

The live-interactive classes will let you learn basics in the comfort of your own home. Besides this, you will be able to learn and schedule the classes at flexible timings. This means you can easily learn without disturbing other day-to-day activities. 


Acrylic painting is a unique art form that anyone can learn conveniently at their home. It is the most preferable style of art chosen by the artists. If you are looking for online acrylic painting classes then you can join Grow Inn Steps and start your learning journey.


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