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Grow Inn Steps has a professionally designed dance studio for its learners. Even though the online dance classes for women, adults, and kids are virtual, we ensure that our learners get the complete experience. We have a team of technical experts who handle video recording and other setup. Our instructors focus solely on providing the best possible dance education to our learners.

We strive to ensure that there is a smooth and clear service from our end so that the overall experience is not at par with any other dance lesson. Our dance classes give you the best dance experience.

In the 21st century, women play an all-round role in society doing office work and household work as well as taking care of their families. They do not get time to do anything for themselves. With many courses and classes shifting to the online medium, women have the opportunity to join online dance classes for women or many other women-centric online courses. This will help them stay mentally and physically fit and help them feel fresh and accomplished.

Special Features of our Online Dance Classes

The setup required to take online dance classes for women includes:

  1. A proper setup dedicated to teaching dance online to women of different ages.
  2. A set class and batch structure will allow learners to attend all classes. It will also allow instructors to focus on all learners during virtual dance lessons for girls.
  3. Availability of both live and recorded videos to give learners the opportunity to revisit videos during offline practice.
  4. Qualified and capable instructors who can work with learners to provide the necessary lessons. The presence of a female instructor is also essential to make women generally feel comfortable.
  5. Feedback session at the end of the class to give the review to the adult learners after the online dance class. This will help them to correct their mistakes and improve their form during further practice.
  6. Proper use of technology to provide error-free classes without network or video problems. This makes the learning experience of online dance classes for women seamless.

Requirements for taking online dance classes

The requirements for taking online dance classes include a large floor space without clutter. A computer/tablet/phone is also required. It is maintained on a stable surface without any interference. One of the most important factors is the availability of a good internet connection. Some dance courses also require exercise mats or special shoes. However, most online programs are targeted at women of all ages. They can easily log in and start the class without many technicalities.

Are online dance classes useful for women?

Dance classes conducted offline are definitely not the same as virtual dance classes. But during the pandemic, women are unable to travel outside work or home environments or interact with friends and colleagues. Along with office work, they also have domestic pressure. Therefore online dance classes help in the mental and physical exercise of women.

It allows them to be part of a group and stay in touch with the outside world, even if it is virtual. These classes help women deal with the pandemic on a mental and emotional level. This gave them the opportunity to continue to grow and improve. Learning new skills also helps them fight boredom and repetition during the pandemic. Therefore, virtual dance classes for girls are definitely worth it if it is affordable. Women should definitely try to take some time off their busy schedules and attend online dance classes for their growth and betterment.

We teach different dance styles

Basic Indian folk and tribal dances are performed in recreational situations. The various dance forms taught in online dance lessons for women are as follows:

Bollywood: It is an energetic dance style that really gives a person a chance to enjoy. If taught properly one can easily understand the steps and have fun during the lessons. The scope for improvement in this form of dance is also huge. Hence it is one of the most sought-after forms of virtual dance classes for women who attend dance classes for some fun and relaxing time.

Bhangra: It is a feel-good dance popular in the state of Punjab. The rhythmic beats and lyrics can easily inspire a person to dance to it. Bhangra cardio is good for maintaining health. This is a good form of fitness dance routine which is popular among women.

Kathak: It is one of the major classical dance forms of India that developed under the influence of both Hindu and Muslim cultures. It is popular in the North. Features include intricate footwork and precise rhythmic patterns which the dancer performs wearing around 100 ghunghrus. This dance style generally expresses the mood of love.

Bharatnatyam: This dance form originated in Tamil Nadu and is a dance form rich in expression. The key factor to perform this dance correctly is to have proper control over hand, eye, and leg movements. It requires immense practice and hard work to master this art form. It is a definite set of rhythm, rules, and style in itself. Women need to show immense dedication and passion to master this dance style. It brings out the beauty of a woman in the most traditional way through the language of dance.

Benefits of online dance classes for women

Privacy: During virtual dance classes for women, they get a chance to learn different styles of dance from the privacy of their homes. A comparatively new dancer can explore and decide on the dance style in which he or she is most comfortable.

Cost Efficient: Compared to offline studio classes, online dance classes for women are the most cost-effective. They are cheap and allow users to get a premium experience at a lower cost. With everyone facing financial crunch during the pandemic, virtual dance classes are the perfect solution to learn dance without spending too much.

Ease of doing basic classes: Online dance classes for women provide them an opportunity to understand the basic steps. This allows them to start with the basics without having to follow a rigid structure of individual classes and without fear of judgment.

Elimination of geographical limitations: It allows people to learn dance from any virtual studio in the world. The knowledge gained is not limited to any particular studio or country. Women can subscribe to many online dance classes for women. If anyone wants to learn something from a remote instructor, they can now easily subscribe to their virtual classes.

Relief from boredom: The pandemic has left people isolated to some extent. It gives women a chance to enjoy some time away from responsibilities and boredom. Virtual dance classes for women allow them to share their loneliness with their fellow batch mates and do something new to get out of boredom.

Women Safety: In the present scenario women do not feel safe in Indian society. They will feel safe if they attend online dance classes for women. Women can take classes from the safety of their homes.

Why are we the best online dance classes for women?

Online dance classes for women were started during the pandemic. We provide high-quality female-oriented dance and fitness lessons. We provide our services at affordable prices to more than 300 students who rely on our services.

The faculty of our branch is experienced. They guide learners in the right direction and make beginners feel comfortable with them. We strive to improve our services and learner experience in our online dance classes for women. We encourage you to attend at least one session of our virtual dance lessons. So book a session for free and subscribe to online dance classes for women only if you like the free sessions that you attend.

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