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Dance classes are a great way to get kids moving and having fun. And in this age of increased digital interaction, online dance classes can help turn children’s unhealthy obsession with digital devices into something productive and wholesome. 

In fact, online dance classes for kids have more than that to offer!

Offline vs online dance classes for kids: Why go virtual?

You might be thinking that offline traditional dance classes are surely more beneficial for your children. But have you considered how tiresome and stressful it might be for your kid to physically go to dance classes right after school or tuition? Or the amount of time your child wastes commuting to the dance class and back? And what if your child has social anxiety? All these can overexert your kid. As a result of overexertion, children will likely end up disliking the prospect of learning dance rather than enjoying it. 

Hence, we suggest you choose online dance classes for kids instead of offline, traditional ones. The following points will convince you why.

  • Flexible timings 

One of the most advantageous aspects of online dance classes is their flexibility when it comes to timing. You can choose a learning and practice schedule based on your child’s other curricular and extra-curricular commitments, avoiding overexertion. With online dance classes, the kids can learn at their own pace and convenience – for eg., in the evenings after completing schoolwork or in the mornings on the weekends. Moreover, with no predefined time restraints, the kids will have the opportunity to pay closer attention to specific areas, enabling them to learn more deeply and hone their skills better. 

  • Accessible from anywhere 

Online dance classes are conducted virtually through a platform and only require a mobile phone (or a laptop) with a decent internet connection. This means your kids need not physically travel to their dance classes and can learn & master dance forms from the comfort of your home (or even when visiting relatives!). As such, you do not have to worry about going and can focus on doing, eliminating the time taken up by the commute and the travel expenses. Also, since your kids learn to dance in a familiar environment, you need not worry about the security & safety of your children. 

  • Affordable 

Online dance classes for kids are considerably cheaper than the traditional offline classes since the former does not require you & your kid to travel to a dance studio, thereby saving up your travel expenses. Moreover, the lesson-based subscriptions of platforms conducting online dance classes for kids offer a variety of enrolment or lesson fees, often based on whether private or group lessons or the total hours of class. Altogether, you get all that your child requires at more affordable deals with online dance classes. 

  • Enhances social interactions 

The pandemic lockdown forced a substantial proportion of the world’s population to move to the virtual space for academics, skill enhancements, and even school education. This has created a diversified social space that defies the constraints of boundaries or cultures. The same goes for the courses offered online. Now, there’s a course for everyone – whether you want to learn dancing or hone your skills in a specific craft. Online dance classes for the children too have been characterized with diversity and inclusion. Thus, through online dance classes, your child can meet other kids their age from all around the country and even the world, take little steps toward learning more about other cultures, ethnicities, and customs, and enhance their social interaction capabilities. 

  • Deals with social anxiety 

Social anxiety is a common phenomenon among kids. It starts in kids between the ages of 8 and 15, and according to a study, can affect approximately 9% of children aged between 3 and 17. Kids who experience some form of social anxiety can face considerable difficulty participating with other kids in offline dance classes or performing in front of them. But with online dance classes, it makes the processes much easier since they do not have to always face the instructors or their peers. It makes easing into the new habit more seamless and enjoyable. 

Benefits of online dance classes for kids

Dance forms can range between artistic and exercise, or both. Being a movement-based activity that also stimulates creativity, learning to dance can significantly improve children’s health as well as nourish their talents in artistic endeavors. But how does online taking online dance classes help children in their physical and mental development? The following list will tell you. 

  • Improves body & mind coordination: 

Taking part in regular dance classes helps improve coordination by teaching children how to move their bodies in time with music and other dancers. This is especially important when it comes to learning complex sequences or steps which require precise timing and movements. 

  • Builds confidence: 

Learning new moves and mastering difficult routines can help boost confidence levels among young dancers as they become more proficient at what they do. Being able to perform in front of others also provides a sense of accomplishment which further boosts self-esteem. 

  • Enhances social skills: 

Dancing with others teaches kids how to interact socially while still maintaining focus on the task at hand, preparing them for real-life commitments. It also encourages teamwork skills and teaches empathy.

  • Helps in stress & anxiety relief: 

Dancing has been proven time and again to be a great stressbuster for kids (as well as adults!) Dance forms teach kids to express themselves physically and emotionally, and offer an excellent outlet for releasing pent-up energy or emotions safely and effectively! 

  • Offers a fun & exciting exercise option: 

While some forms of physical activity might not seem particularly enjoyable, dancing is always fun! Not only does it provide children with much-needed exercise but its creative nature means there’s plenty of room for them to enjoy it too and have fun. Indeed, dancing is an exciting exercise for kids who are not into traditional sports activities!

  • Boosts creativity & imagination: 

As an art form with individual styles & ways of expression, dancing offers young ones a creative and flexible way to express themselves. Through unique movements and self-expression, kids learn to hone their imagination.  

  • Develops muscular strength & builds endurance: 

The physical benefits of dancing are endless. For one, the repetitive nature of many dances combined with constant stretching exercises strengthens muscles over time resulting in improved strength & endurance.  

  • Facilitates greater flexibility, balance, posture & composure: 

Like muscle strength, regularly practicing different poses significantly improves flexibility, balance, and posture, and enhances muscle memory and reflexes.  


It is evident how beneficial online dance classes for kids are, especially provided that they are now under constant pressure to learn more skills under short amount of time. Online dance classes can help you keep away overexertion from your kid’s life, while still allowing them to pursue dancing as a hobby. 

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