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Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” “Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardour and diligence.” These Quotes by Charles R. Swindoll and Abigail Adams respectively show the importance of Education in the lives of our children.

Thus if you put the education of children at the forefront of every responsibility then these PreSchool Franchises will help you achieve your dream of starting a Preschool and pushing it further towards new heights and helping young children establish themselves in their lives. If this sounds like a dream job for you then refer to this list to find out the best Preschool Franchises at the present.

Top 5 Preschool Franchises in India 2023

Grow Inn Steps

Grow Inn Steps is one of the leading, most reputed, lauded and sought Preschool Franchises that is going to provide the best care a young child needs to hone their skills to perfection that will aid them to successfully mark their presence in the world.

The highly demanded Grow Inn Steps is a magnificent Franchise that provides Indian entrepreneurs and academicians with a chance to build beautiful and engaging learning environments for the little munchkins who are all ready to enrol in Preschools.

By extending a partnership with Grow Inn Steps Franchise you not only get the chance to build lives from the very beginning and help young children grow to their full potential, but you also get the chance to establish yourself successfully as an entrepreneur and a humanitarian.

The Grow Inn Steps is a perfect Franchise for you to build your Preschool with because the Franchise is spread across India and will provide you with every help that you need along the way with professional advice on how to run a Preschool. Because the main motive of Grow Inn Steps remains to establish Preschools throughout India and establish themselves as the Preschool network that is pivotal for the education of young children. Thus your topmost choice should be Grow Inn Steps.


The Kidzee is one of the best Preschool Franchises in India. The education provided in the Kidzee Preschool Franchises is one of the most top-notch programs that will ensure the holistic development of your children. To establish a preschool with Kidzee Franchise you’ll have to find an area with at least two thousand square feet. The estimated cost amounts to fifteen to twenty lakhs. Thus make your dream of owning and running a successful Preschool with Kidzee Franchises.

Kangaroo Kids Preschool

Kangaroo Kids is one of the most reputed and oldest Preschool and Preschool Franchises. Kangaroo Kids have successfully supported the establishment of thirty Preschools with tie ups all across India.

Their influence has recently been reaching international grounds as well. Thus if you want to tie up with Kangaroo Kids to open up your very own Preschool then you require 2500 square feet of land for the establishment of the Preschool to ensure proper room for young children to grow and learn in. The beginning investment, however, stretches past thirty lakhs.

Maple Bear

The Maple Bear made its bold entrance to the world of Preschool Franchises in 2014 but has successfully managed to extend its facilities and Preschools across India. Currently, the Preschools opened by the Maple Bear come to a whopping hundred and twelve. So it might be young in age but it surely has set its foot solidly in the Preschool Franchise.

At Maple Bear Preschools the quality education and its curriculum are based on the international system which provides a fresh and new alternative option for children, parents and even Preschool owners. But to open up a Preschool with Maple Bear Franchise you will require an area of three thousand to four thousand square feet and an investment of up to fifteen to twenty-five Lakhs.

Eurokids Franchise

The Eurokids is a widely known Preschool Franchise. The Eurokids is highly appreciated for its high-quality education and distinct methods of imparting education amongst the Preschool Franchises. The influence and goodwill created by the Eurokids have spread across India and will allow you to earn high profits while making sure the future of our young minds is secure.

The Eurokids also have an extensive educational Curriculum directed to the enhancement of young children. Their unique educational policies remain distinct to their franchises only. Thus your dream of creating a better future for the kids will be fulfilled right alongside making sure you earn your keep as well.

Bright Toddlers Education Pvt. Ltd.

Bright Toddlers Education Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Preschool Organisation. This infamous Preschool Franchise deals with next-generation tech activities with importance to the stem subjects at an early age to make sure the tiny tots grow up learning this subject deftly and can later solidify themselves in the world.

This Preschool is divided into tiers according to the investment capacity of the individual. The first tier requires an investment of four lakhs and the second and third tier requires 3.5 and 3 lakhs respectively. The required area for this Franchise is one thousand. This is a unique Franchise for tiny tots.


We have listed the most sought-after Preschool Franchises in India in 2023. Thus go through our list carefully and make a well-researched choice adhering to the needs of your Preschool Franchise and the Preschool that you would establish in the future keeping in mind the various goals of the reputed Franchises.

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