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“The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught as that every child should be given the wish to learn.” These words by John Lubbock shed light on the importance of the proper education of a child that should mould them into learners of life. 

Thus Playschools is incredibly pivotal as they substantially put forth the first impression on children of what education looks like and what it will grow into. 

So if you are someone who values the education of children and has the capacity of looking after children on their journey towards being developed Young Adults then you can with the aid of the franchises that have been listed for the establishment of your Playschools. 

The Grow Inn Steps 


The Grow Inn Steps is a leading Franchise in the Childcare and Education arena. The Grow Inn Steps Franchise is set on making education and the well-rounded development of children accessible and affordable. 

Thus contributing to making Education for Children high in quality with better methods that suit the needs of the children better. The Grow Inn Steps focuses on laying a solid basis for the Education of Children. 

The Centres of Grow Inn Steps are curated to the needs of young children and provide top-notch care and education attuned to their needs. The Curriculum of the Grow Inn Steps is also designed with the different capacities of the Children in mind. 

The Grow Inn Steps believes in all-around development and provides courses ranging from different academic subjects to subjects leaning towards extracurriculars and building hobbies.  The Grow Inn steps true to its name and aids the children every step along the way, slowly and steadily and step by step. They also provide courses in Music, Dancing, spoken English, and even different art forms. 

Thus the Grow Inn Steps is the perfect Franchise for Play Schools in India. Therefore build your Playschool Franchise with the Partnership of the Grow Inn Steps that will guide you and the children in your playschool towards success.


The GD Goenka Toddler House provides extensive mentoring and has the best infrastructure and Interior Design with teachers who have been aptly trained with various teaching aids. 

The Curriculum has been structured based on an international pattern to ensure the proper development of children. 

The GD Goenka Toddler House is an education Franchise business plan that is specifically designed to uphold the legacy of a good education. 

This is the reason for the good reputation and prosperity of the GD Goenka Toddler House. 

We make sure our Franchise partners meet the specific standards to ensure the proper care of the children and the upliftment of GD Goenka Toddler House.   

The GD Goenka Toddler House additional Franchise requires a space of at least two hundred square meters and above. The possible investment can be up to twelve lakhs and more. 

The brand fee that is required is four lakhs. The Day Care can be established for seven years. The Age group expands from twelve to eighteen months to the age of four to five years.  

The Kangaroo Kids 

The Kangaroo Kids is one of the most trusted brands in the Childcare and education enterprise. The Kangaroo Kids focus on the well-rounded development of children. The Kangaroo kids have a legacy of three and they guarantee to yield high-quality results. The Kangaroo Kids also will work towards achieving greater revenue with an international curriculum based on neuroscience. 

Once signed up Kangaroo Kids provides all day round support as you establish your Preschool Franchise. In sixty days the Kangaroo Kids guarantees the establishment of your Playschool Franchise. 

Day one with Kangaroo Kids will establish the relationship you have with the Kangaroo Kids and begin the process of the establishment of your Playschool Franchise. 

By Day five you’ll be assigned to meet with your sales manager and figure out the important details regarding your playschool. 

Then day twenty will finalize your location for the Playschool with the guidance of the Kangaroo Kids. Day twenty-five will result in the signing of the agreement if all rules and regulations are followed. 

The forty-fifth day will start the Setup of preschool& training of the staff required. By the Day sixty comes your PreSchool Franchise will be ready to be launched. 

IKIDZ Franchise 

The IKIDZ Franchise will make sure you establish your Playschool with ease. The IKIDZ Franchise provides a partnership with a low investment according to your ease. 

The IKIDZ also provides augmented reality technology and complete marketing aid, and they will supervise the recruitment of the teachers and support staff. IKIDZ will be along with the entire journey of establishing your Pre School Franchise. 

Any operational issue that arises in the way will be resolved with the aid of IKIDZ and they guarantee a return of eighty to one-sixty percent higher returns for your Preschools. According to the website of the IKIDZ, they provide an Integrated Curriculum, Assessment & Assignments, Onsite Teachers & Counsellors Training, Supply of School Equipment, Standard Operating Procedures, School Software, Office Stationery, ongoing support to all their partnerships, and even their children. 

Parting Note 

We’ve curated a list of top play school Franchises that you can choose from and use in the process of establishing your Pre School which will ensure the proper care and quality education of the Tiny-tots enrolling themselves under your care. 

The cost of the process is also manageable with all-around support being provided in these above-mentioned Franchises. Thus make a smart choice based on your requirements and successfully establish and run your very own Preschool with fewer hurdles.


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