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“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.” This quote by Oprah Winfrey highlights the importance of education in an individual’s life. Thus “Learning never exhausts the mind.”(Da Vinci) Rather it purifies and moulds your ideas into fruition. 

The first foundation of education for every human being is laid in a preschool. The mind of the children is like a blank slate, thus the way you mould it matters as it could affect the rest of the life of the child throughout their adult lives. So if you are conflicted about opening a preschool franchise, let’s lay all your doubts to rest. 

Why do we need preschools?


The parents of the present generation have realised the importance of early education in the lives of their children. In this era of innovation, technology and competition, training young minds to lead a true and successful life seems imperative with each passing second.

Thus preschool plays a pivotal role in shaping young minds to survive in this world of “Do or Die”. The pre-schools are thus on constant rise in a country like India which values the academic journey of every individual immensely. The Preschools thus have become a common meeting ground for individuals to hone into shape the future citizens of India. 

Thus the points you need to keep in mind if you want to start a preschool franchise are as follows.

The betterment and enhancement of children


The first step towards opening a Preschool should be your care and detailed efforts for the betterment and enhancement of the young minds that will be sent to your institution for enlightened minds.

The children that are enrolled in Preschool are at a very tender age and thus require diligent and thorough care. Individuals in charge of the Preschools should bear in mind that every action of theirs could have either a positive or a negative impact on the young minds.

So the approach of your caregivers, teachers and owners should be of utmost priority. Thorough training must be imparted to the staff to take care of the children.

Acquiring Capital for your Preschool 


Every successful business venture requires proper monetary support and aid. So does the Preschool Franchise. However, the amount required for beginning a preschool might be less than you think. 

It requires a humble and acceptable amount to start a Preschool Franchise. One of the best ways to obtain capital for your Preschool could be by applying for loans from banks. In fact, under the direction of the Government, some banks provide better interest deals for women starting their entrepreneurial careers.

Location scouting 


Location scouting for a Preschool should be your utmost importance. Because if the location isn’t ideal the tiny tots might find the environment harmful and isolating. While you are location hunting make sure it is situated near a residential area free from criminal activities. Pick a place that provides the ambience of serenity and a green cover. You also need to keep in mind that it has an all-purpose road fit for all seasons to be easily used by both the school’s transportation facility and by the parents and caregivers of the children as well. 

Ensure that you pick a location which has the approximate space of 2000 square feet as admissible by the law. So that the tiny angels have enough space to learn, interact and grow into well-rounded individuals.

The curriculum for kids


The children who opt for Preschool are at a very critical age, so you have to make sure to stick to a proper schedule and curriculum for them. Make sure that the children learn through fun activities and learn qualities of morality and honesty etc. 

Design a very balanced curriculum for the kids with the perfect amount of studying and recreation. So that the tiny and developing children don’t get bombarded with too many heavy concepts and maintain a pace in learning every concept. Keep in regarding the importance of rudimentary skills and knowledge as well.

Create your Curriculum for children after meticulous research and use credible resources to enhance the quality of education for the children.

Staff appointment 


A Preschool should be catered to the needs of little children. Thus they require teachers and support staff who can aptly and diligently deal with kids and their problems with ease. Make sure to hire well-trained and qualified teachers with a proper resume and other credentials required for childcare and teaching. The teachers should be sensible, understanding and patient. Because dealing with young kids is never going to be a piece of cake for any individual.

The importance of support staff should also be not disregarded as they will help tend to the problems of the tiny-tots. Thus they should also be properly trained and must undergo strict background research to aid in the development of the little treasures.



 Preschool like any other school requires a proper and well-built infrastructure and environment. Make sure to follow the strict guidelines set by the authorities as the construction of your building goes on. 

The Preschool should cater to the needs and requirements of young children. The environment and colour scheme plays an important role in arresting the attention of young kids. Choose a theme and bright-coloured paintings and murals for stimulating the kids. Keep the classrooms and other areas spacious and bright and colourful. 

If you choose drab stationery and furniture, the kids will be reluctant to stay in school. Keep the environment child friendly and provide proper infrastructure with easily accessible washing areas and even a cafeteria. Ensure healthy and cooked food is widely available for the better development of children.    

Take the Advice of your Franchisor


To ensure you succeed in your endeavour, appoint proper policies and guidelines into place that will make sure that you are financially secure and have all you need in the field of marketing and advertising. Have your trusty Franchisor in place who will help make sure all the processes are running smoothly. The franchisor will also provide you with proper guidance and training so that your dream of running a preschool comes to its fruition. 

Take the advice of Grow Inn Steps


Grow Inn Steps is one of the growing startup industries aiding in Early Childcare Education. The Grow Inn Steps possess the skills to arm young children with the foundation and the prerequisite knowledge that will allow them to mark their future. 

The highly capable hybrid centres have various facilities like safe, secure environments, and highly creative and comfortable designs catered to children. The curriculum that the Grow Inn Step follows is very versatile and keeps in mind the requirements and capabilities of every growing child. 

Grow Inn Steps also provides courses for all ages. Why should age hinder your development in education?  The online courses are catered to all ages from toddlers who wanna begin preschool and others who want to continue their experience with education.   

The Grow Inn Steps foundation also provides the chance for you and your children to discover your passions and excel in them. There is a varied range of online services and classes that you can refer to, that will help you increase your skills and pursue your passion. Choose Grow Inn Steps and make the future for your child and yourself as well.  



“When children pretend, they are using their imaginations to push themselves beyond the limits of reality. A stick can be a magic wand. A sock can be a puppet. A small child can be a superhero.” These words by Fred Rogers go to show how much imagination and proper care can lead to the all-around development of young children. 

Thus the importance of preschool in this arena can no longer be obliterated. Make sure to follow the above-cited methodologies and tips if you want to own and run your very own preschool franchise. With the expert advice of Edify schools and the steps that have been provided before you can succeed at building lives and influencing the generations to come for aeons.


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