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“Play is the highest form of research.” “Playing allows children to learn without having to go through pressure. This kind of setup lets them explore more, and retain information more”. This quote highlights the importance of PreSchools in a child’s life. Thus if you are the parents of an adorable toddler looking for trustworthy PreSchools in Delhi. Then we have got your back. Refer to our list of the best PreSchools for your Tiny-tots.

Preschool for 4-Year-Olds Near Me


Grow Inn Steps


The Grow Inn Steps Pre School located at 98, Pocket 27, Sector-24, Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi 110085 is a reputed and highly acclaimed preschool catered to the varied needs of your young children with proper caregivers and staff that remain dedicated to building an aspirational India with the best education and nourishment of young and bright minds.

The Grow Inn Steps provides a bright and stimulating space for the growing minds of young toddlers. The classrooms are well furnished and the Pre School provides highly qualified and trained teachers to lay the foundation strong for the future of your children. The curriculum is deftly designed keeping in mind the different needs of children at different ages.

The Grow Inn Steps Pre School also provides top-notch facilities that engage the fleeting attention of the young children with outdoor play areas, and green gardens and at the same time teach them proper etiquette and manners.

The Grow Inn Steps also provides training in co-Curicculars making sure the future of your little bundles of joy is secured and solidified with classes in music, classical dancing, art, musical instruments etc. The Grow Inn Steps also provides personalised tuition for their students and also provides additional classes in Abacus and Vedic Mathematics, Swimming and Phonetics. Thus the well-rounded development of your young child is in safe hands.

The Magic Years


The Magic Years PreSchool is situated on Street E-3, Near DPS, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. This PreSchool accommodates young students ranging from fifteen different nations. Thus if you want your young child to grow up with global exposure then The Magic Years PreSchool is the best choice.

The rules of a Montessori are followed diligently with a student-teacher ratio of 1:4. This ensures every child receives the proper attention and care they deserve at their developing age. Healthy lunches and clean drinking water is provided keeping in mind the health of your young kids. The Magic Years contains child-friendly furniture and classes to arrest attention and keep them engaged. Thus your child will be properly cared for under their supervision.

The Ardee School


The Ardee School for young children and toddlers can be found at Sujan Singh Park, New Friends Colony, Gurugram & Noida. The Ardee School follows the models like Montessori, Play Way, and Reggio Emilia as their teaching methodology to ensure the proper development of young and bright children.

The PreSchool provides a hearty vegetarian meal for your growing children if you prefer it. Thus the Ardee School will make sure the needs of your children will be fulfilled and they grow into proper young adults ready to step into School. The Ardee School is an eco-friendly campus, with a sandpit and water play zone to keep the young children engaged and playful.

The Learning Tree


The Learning Tree is located on B-13, Sujan Singh Park, New Delhi. The school was originally established in 1995, thus it has built its reputation diligently and is an amazing PreSchool for your Tiny-tot. Situated at the centre of greenery it introduces its children to the beauty of nature and beautiful trees that make their formative years constructive and ideal.

The classrooms are uniquely designed with nature-friendly bamboo roofs to invite children to engage with nature. The classrooms also make way for beautiful grounds surrounded by trees that ensure fresh air and proper growth for your toddlers. The curriculum is also specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of young children at the early stage of development. Thus this is an ideal PreSchool for your PreSchooler.

The Shri Ram Early Years


The Shri Ram Early Years catering to young children from two to five years of age is present at Vasant Kunj, GK & Gurugram, New Delhi. They follow the ideals of learning through play. This institution makes learning interactive and fun and ensures proper early development of its children. Thus the base of your young children will be solidified in the Shri Ram Early Years.

Learning Matters


The Learning Matters PreSchool is located in A2, Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg, NTH Building, 3rd Floor, Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi. The preschool followed an engaging and lively teaching method to capture the attention of the young children under their care. They take in children from the age of fifteen months to five years.

The curriculum they follow is specifically designed for young minds. The teachers are experienced and provide stimulating teachings to young toddlers and kids according to their age group and requirements. Different workshops are also organised to ensure the proper care of your children.



The Wonderland PreSchool is there at New Moti Bagh, Block C 4, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. The PreSchool Wonderland keeps in mind the growing needs of your little munchkins and will take proper care to foster their distinct interest and talents. They facilitate proper growth and development using the methods of play and studying for young children.

They inculcate in the children proper grooming habits and make sure their sanitary habits are disciplined ensuring better health for your young kids. Their menu is strictly healthy and provides nourishment that young children need. The curriculum combines playtime and studying for your tiny tots to ensure their proper growth.

Parting Note


The list of the best PreSchools for your young cutie-pies from the ages of 15 months to five years has been listed. Go through them and take your pick that fulfils the needs that you require to your young child. Make sure your young minds are brightened and their lives improved with the choices we have provided.


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