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Our Programs

The Growinnsteps Advantage

Growinn Steps is India’s leading childcare provider, trusted by parents and recommended by India’s preschool experts. Our preschool programs are designed to aid parents throughout the formative years of their children’s lives, fostering holistic growth within a stimulating, interactive, and secure environment.

The scientifically-backed curriculums lay the foundation for exceptional growth and bright futures, paving the way for a lifetime of discovery, learning, and academic excellence. Our teams of highly qualified educators & service providers not only take the best care of the children but also help them explore their potential as a learner early on. Most importantly, they offer the kids a stimulating and supportive environment where they can learn to think, question, interact, and engage.

Our Teaching Methodology

We at Growinnsteps, have a unique, scientifically- backed, most potent blend of Montessori, IB & Playway methods. The child-led classroom activities not only encourage independence among the kids but also actively teach them problem-solving life skills from a very early age. Our children-centric teaching methodology allows the kids to explore their creative selves and cultivates their reading & writing abilities, creative thinking, and decision-making skills. Our curriculum, is a holistic framework encompassing the entire facets of child’s personality in early years.

Why Growinn Steps Preschool ?

  • Holistic growth led by scientific learning approaches
  • Experiences to boost cognitive, social, & behavioral development
  • Enriching, fun-filled child-centric activities
  • State-of-the-art classroom infrastructure and facilities
  • Uncompromised security to ensure a safe, risk-free environment

What The Parents Say About Us

Our biggest USP is not what we claim but what the parents say about us.

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Our Team

The Growinn Steps Team includes highly-trained teachers, childcare experts, and qualified staff who work together to deliver what is best for each child. The teachers and staff pay special attention to each individual kid, doing their best to meet their sensitive needs with tenderness, love, and care.

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