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As a parent, you would want what’s best for your kid, be it food, dress, toys, or education & schooling. Schooling, in fact, plays a huge role in the upbringing of your child and sets the stage for overall development as a good human being. 

Initiating your little one’s schooling early can have a significant impact on the later years. This is why preschools are particularly important. The right preschool will set in motion your child’s behavioral as well cognitive development, and interactive & interpersonal skills. By allowing them to grow along with other kids their age, your child will learn to take little steps toward a bright future.

Hence, it is crucial that you choose your child’s preschool with care. Here we have compiled a list of the top 10 preschools in Rohini, Delhi, that will help you make the right choice!

The best preschools in Rohini, Delhi


1. Grow Inn Steps

House Number-98, Pocket- 27, Rohini Sector- 24, Delhi – 110085 (Near SBI Bank, Pocket-27)

Growinnsteps is a leading and one of the best preschools in India. The school focuses on a curriculum that lays the foundation of a robust education system for young minds and facilitates their overall cognitive & behavioral development. Growinnsteps’ highly qualified teachers pay special attention to individual kids, and along with the caring staff, cater to their needs most actively. The interactive programs at Growinnsteps begin with the unique Toddler’s Program and even includes Day Care. The hygienic and safe environment, and complete security, make the school a safe haven for any child.

2. Kids Palace

Address: Pocket-4 Flat No.68, Rohini Sector 24, Delhi – 110085 (Opp Bank Of India)

One of the best pre-schools in Rohini, the Kids Palace is known for its homely & safe environment. The preschool curriculum maintained in the Kids Palace is based on scientific Montessori teaching practices and aims at an overall good experience for the children.

3. Orleans The School 

Address: F-19, Near Deepali Chowk, Rohini Sector 8, Delhi – 110085 (Opp M2K CINEMA Rohini)

Orleans The School or OTS is one of the leading choices of parents in & around Rohini. Although the school is better known for its secondary & higher secondary sections, the Preschool has achieved some remarkable recognition from parents in the last few years. Their ultra-modern state-of-the-art teaching facilities and innovative learning approach leave a long-lasting positive impression on the kids.

4. Remal Public School 

Address: Block A-2, Rohini Sector 3, Delhi – 110085 (Near Jaipur Golden Hospital)

The Remal Public School Preschool section was established in 2003, originally tracing its origin in the Remal Public School Society that was established in 1967 by Dr. R. P. Bajaj. Built in memory of Rai Bahadur Late Sh. Remal Dass Bajaj, a social reformer who dedicated his life to helping underprivileged children and widows, the Remal Public School stands as the epitome of knowledge, education, resilience, and social service. Students too are imbibed in these values from a very early age, enabling them to become responsible & sensible human beings.

5. Little Kingdom Playway & Day Care Center 

Address: D-12/128, Rohini Sector 8, Delhi – 110085

The Little Kingdom Playway & Day Care Center is an ideal playschool for toddlers. The minimum age for admission is 2 years. Other than playschool, Little Kingdom has a nursery, kindergarten, and daycare as well.

6. Angel’s Valley

Address: D-7/326, First Floor, Vishram Chowk, Rohini Sector 6, Delhi – 110085 (Near Vishram Chowk)

Angel’s Valley is a well-known preschool, situated just near Vishram Chowk. Established in 2018, the school has already emerged as a reliable choice of schooling for many parents. The good infrastructure, well-trained staff, supportive environment, and a wide array of learning resources make Angel’s Valley stand out. 

7. The Golden Gate Preschool 

Address: 130 Pocket-9, Rohini Sector 22, Delhi – 110085 (GD Goenka Public School Rohini Sector 22)

The Golden Gate Preschool is one of the most sought-after preschools for toddlers and little kids in & around Rohini. This is because of the versatile and well though-of curriculums & programs provided by the school, along with their trained & caring staff. The Golden Gate Preschool admits students in the playgroup program, nursery, and kindergarten. They have a daycare program too. Most importantly, the Golden Gate provides wholesome dance & music classes for the little kids as a part of their unique teaching approach.

8. GD Goenka La Petite

Address: Plot no-6, Pocket -8B, Sector-19, Rohini, New Delhi -85

The GD Goenka La Petit, the Preschool section of India’s leading childcare provider GD Goenka Group, is one of the topmost preschools in & around Rohini for your little one. Backed by 28 years of history in providing high-quality education, GD Goenka La Petite embodies a stimulating & supportive learning environment, where each child is taken care of individually and fostered with love & affection. 

9. Bachpan

Address: 9988/B-1, S.K Tower, Sarai Rohilla New Rohtak Rd, Delhi-110005

Bachpan is India’s one of the most renowned preschools. Established in 2004, Bachpan presently has over 1200 playschool branches all around the country, and beyond. The branch in Delhi is like all the others – enriched by 18 years of experience in building bright futures. Bachpan focuses on cohesive & holistic learning, based on fun and relationships. The Bachpan preschool experience is for kids & parents alike.  

10. Gitarattan Jindal Kiddy Paradise


The Gitarattan Jindal Kiddy Paradise is a great preschool for children, not only because of its holistic programs and curriculum but also because of its security. The entire premises of the school is equipped with CCTVs to keep the children and staff under constant surveillance, ensuring that no harm comes to the children. Established in 1998, the infrastructure and faculty match the 24 years of legacy of the school.

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