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Does your child able to solve mathematical problems quickly with confidence? If not, then the Vedic maths online course may help. But, what is the Vedic maths method? 

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Meaning of Vedic Maths 


Vedic maths is a mathematical theory founded by Indian mathematician Jagadguru Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji between 1911 and 1918 and presented by Tirthaji Maharaj in a book called Vedic Mathematics. 

Vedic maths is an easy and faster method that includes a set of techniques/sutras. It is made up of 16 sutras which means formulas and 13 sub-sutras meaning sub-formulas. These formulas and sub-formulas can be applied to a variety of mathematical concepts like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and others.  

Benefits of learning Vedic Maths 


Vedic maths is a simple and convenient way to solve challenging arithmetic problems. Learning Vedic maths principles and tactics at a young age will help your child develop a strong foundation for early learning. 

  • Simplifying Calculations: 

While teaching your kid have you ever noticed him getting irritated with numbers? Maths is not considered the most loving subject of students because calculating numbers can be difficult. Vedic maths, on the other hand, lets your child learn basic ways to answer even the most difficult equations. 

  • Enhances Numbers Capacity: 

In online Vedic maths classes, children learn how to work with numbers. It makes it easier for students to do computations such as roots, square roots, cubes, and squares. When children are dealt work with numbers, they become cool and assured to solve easily. 

  • Promotes focus, memory, and concentration: 

While using Vedic math children use their mental ability to solve mathematical problems. This practice of continuously using their cognitive skills improves their concentration, memory, and focus. With the classes, children develop themselves in all areas. 

  • Improves Speed and Accuracy: 

Vedic mathematics allows your child to calculate rapidly. In online Vedic maths classes with Grow Inn Steps your children can learn to calculate faster. The children don’t need any additional types of equipment like calculators, so this makes your child even more competent. 

  • Perform Better in Competitive Exams: 

In the future, if you want your child to prepare for competitive exams, then learning Vedic maths at an early age will let your child build a foundation. The children will learn the tips and tricks to boost their mathematical skills and get prepared for competitive exams. 

  • Understand Concepts Quickly: 

The right trainer will polish your skills and allow you to understand mathematical concepts faster than before. Vedic maths is no shortcut to learning mathematics, but it includes various tips and tricks to solve complex problems. 

But, what is the right age to learn Vedic Maths? 

According to this theory of Piaget, the best age to promote cognitive learning in kids is above 7 years. Before introducing children to Vedic maths, let them first understand the concepts of addition, subtraction, and multiplication, up to 10. 

Modern mathematics v/s Vedic mathematics 

Vedic mathematics is an ancient mathematical system of India that was developed by Swami Bharti Krishna Tirathji Maharaj in 1911. This traditional system involves 16 sutras and 13 sub-sutras where each and every formula is interconnected. This also ensures that answers must remain constant. 

The methods are simple and quick. Among various strategies, you can choose and derive answer to a single question through the method which you like the most. This includes 2 or 3 steps to derive an answer to the question. 

Whereas, modern mathematics was originated from Vedic maths itself. Therefore, vedic mathematics is thought to be the foundation of modern mathematics. There are numerous formulas that are consistently been utilised for various branches of mathematics. As there are various formulas for different themes that cannot be applied elsewhere, there us no uniformity and connection between the formulas. The approaches are elaborated, and only one strategy has been constructed for a specific set of issues. 

However, a step-by-step approach must be followed to arrive at the correct conclusion. 

Where to learn Vedic maths online?

Grow Inn Steps is an e-learning platform that provides the best classes for your kid’s cognitive development. The classes are flexible which means you can easily schedule classes as per your convenience. Among multiple trainers, you have an option to choose the best trainer for yourself. 

Moreover, from group batches to individual classes you get an opportunity to let your child learn with friends or get a individual attention of a trainer. 


Online vedic maths classes will enhance the brain of your child in unexpected ways. They will boost up their confidence in solving even complex mathematical problems. So, everyone should enrol their child to learn the tricks and techniques for vedic maths from the experts of the industry at your convenience.


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