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If you have a passion for teaching children–and providing them with the essential intellectual tools for future success–then an early childhood education degree might be for you. A master’s in early childhood education could even be suitable.

What exactly is early childhood education, why is it significant, and what type of careers exist both inside and outside the classroom for those holding master’s degrees in early childhood education?

What Is Early Childhood Education

Simply stated, early childhood education refers to formal and informal educational programs designed to nurture the growth and development of preschool-age children (birth to five). At these ages, they rely heavily on adult caregivers such as their parents, daycare near your location, babysitters, extended family members, and teachers for guidance and direction.

Here are the advantages of early childhood education for your child.

  • Brain development occurs most rapidly during the early years of life. If children don’t receive enough stimulation, support, or nurture to optimally develop, there could be detrimental repercussions for overall development.
  • At ages three to five, most children desire to play with others their age, as well as develop an understanding of other people’s feelings on an initial basis. At this stage, children learn to work together when playing and may develop friendships among themselves or even make an ‘alliance’ of one kind or another.
  • Interacting with people outside the family is an integral component of childhood education. Learning how to interact with peers or teachers will ease the education process later on.
  • Early socialization requires adult guidance and participation. Learning to share and collaborate are integral parts of society, so having professional guidance available to your children is invaluable in terms of aiding in early development.
  • Skill gained in a safe learning environment will not only benefit children in school but can also strengthen relationships between parent and child and boost self-confidence.
  • Children are constantly learning, but this doesn’t make the process any less taxing. Without proper preparation and support in place for them to succeed at learning, children could easily lose all of their enthusiasm for education altogether and struggle throughout elementary and secondary school education.
  • Early childhood education professionals know how to make learning enjoyable for young learners. Once children realize that learning can be rewarding and enjoyable, they can embrace its challenges while becoming engaged learners themselves.

Benefits of Day-care or Preschool Near You for Your Child

  • It can simplify your commute – By planning to visit both day-care and work in the same town, your journey won’t require as many stops, exits, or detours – or take longer routes because the center is nearby.
  • Drop-off becomes simpler –  Since you will already be close to your office when it’s time for drop-off, most days won’t require you to rush it.
  • Preschool near you or your office offers an easier transition. Returning from maternity leave can be tough; finding a childcare facility close to work may make the experience less painful.

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