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Finding the best playschool for your kid can be an overwhelming task, but it is definitely one of the most important decisions to make. The preschool your children attend will have a profound and long-lasting effect on their lives for it is there that we will learn to learn. It is also the first time your children will be entering the unknown world leaving the familiarity of their home and learning to socialize and interact with their peers. Playschools, thus, not only form the foundation of your children’s future academic performance but also of their self-confidence and interactiveness.  

All these make it all the more critical to choose the most appropriate preschool for your little one. It is important that you take time to research different schools thoroughly before making the final decision. In this guide, we have compiled the most important factors that define an ideal playschool, and you can consider these factors as your benchmark to find the best playschool near you

What is a playschool and why is it important for the kids?

Playschools are educational programs designed to help young children learn basic skills such as counting, colors, shapes, letters, and more through fun activities and games. They also provide an opportunity for socialization with other kids their age, aiding their social and behavioral development alongside cognitive growth. 

But why should I send my child to a playschool near me? 

  • Firstly, playschools provide early learning opportunities to kids. They give kids the chance to start learning early in life which can set them up for success later on. Through activities like singing songs or playing games, they will begin developing important cognitive skills that will be beneficial throughout their education journey. Thus, playschool helps build & hone the ‘pre-skills’ of the children.
  • Secondly, playschools offer the best environments to boost social development. Being around other children helps kids develop important social skills such as communication, cooperation, problem-solving, and empathy. The little ones can learn to enjoy group activities early on, building a solid foundation for teamwork and healthy interpersonal relationships. 
  • Thirdly, playschools are nothing if not super fun & engaging! The activities are tailored towards keeping little ones engaged so they don’t get bored easily, while at the same time allowing them to absorb knowledge through symbiosis. With no structured lessons, kids learn to love school! 

How to choose the best preschool near me for my kids?

Finding the right preschool for your child can be a daunting task. With so many options out there, it’s hard to know which one is best suited for your little one. To find the ideal match, you need to prioritize your requirements and consider several factors. 

Here’s a list of the things you should consider while looking for the best preschool for your kid.


Considering the location is the easiest way to shortlist your choices of playschools. Eliminate those preschools that are not close enough to your home or work and traveling is inconvenient. You wouldn’t want your child to spend a few hours in a location that you cannot reach almost immediately in case of emergencies, would you? So, the first step to finding the ideal preschool would be to make a list of all the best preschools near you in your locality. 


One of the most important things to consider before choosing a preschool for your child is its curriculum. Different preschools can have different types of curricula. So it is essential to make sure you understand what type of curriculum they offer and if it aligns with your values as parents. It is also important to ensure the preschool has activities that stimulate learning while also being fun & enjoyable for your kid. 

Teaching approach

The curriculum is directly related to the teaching approach because it is through this approach that your child will be acquiring and absorbing knowledge and values. So, before you make a decision, make sure that the playschool follows a scientifically-validated teaching method. The Montessori method of teaching, for example, is a well-known, scientific methodology for teaching little ones. It is also important to ensure that the teachers at the preschool are friendly and encouraging.

Staff qualification

Teaching and taking care of young children is anything but easy and requires specialized skills. Before you commit to your choice, make sure that the staff employed by the playschool are qualified professionals with formal training in children’s education. Teachers and non-teaching staff with proper training will only enhance the quality of the care and education, thereby determining the overall quality of the preschool as well. 

Security & safety measures

Nothing should be compromised when it comes to the safety of your child. The same goes for preschools. Check the security practices employed by the playschool. Ensure that all safety measures such as fire drills, security systems, CCTV cameras, etc., are up-to-date and enforced properly by staff members at all times. 


While all the aforementioned factors are extremely critical for a preschool, its environment should not be neglected as a strong determining factor. Before you finalize your choice of playschool for your kid, do an overall evaluation of the environment of the preschool. For instance, make sure whether the playschool has a friendly & home-like environment, whether it is sanitized and maintains hygiene standards, how is the infrastructure of the establishment, what resources the preschool provides for the children and their guardians, and so on. 

Summing up

Attending playschool has many advantages for young children including early learning opportunities, improved social development, and increased engagement through fun activities. More importantly, it provides a great foundation for future academic success while allowing kids to have lots of fun along the way. However, finding the perfect fit when looking for childcare can seem like an overwhelming process. Some research about your preferred choices and how they fare against the aforementioned benchmarks can help you choose the best playschool near you effortlessly! 

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