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play school franchise business opportunities

play school franchise business

If you want to start it yourself then it will be difficult for you to start a preschool in your city. If you want to start a play school in Delhi NCR region then partner with other preschool franchise brands that are offering play school franchise business opportunities. Because starting school from scratch will make you face adverse situations. Since you can face unwanted surprises anywhere and anytime while running your own business. It is a law of business that says, “Starting a new business is easy but survival is difficult”. Opening a preschool in your city requires a certain amount of investment in your pocket.

It would be better for you to go with the Playschool Franchise opportunity in Delhi NCR region. If you partner with a reputed play school franchise then you are on the right track as all you need to do is manage your kindergarten school instead of involving yourself in many complicated activities. The school franchisor will do everything for you from choosing the land for the school to its establishment and student admission.

Process to start a preschool franchise in your city:

Step 1. If you want to open your own playschool then you should have a budget of around 12-15 lakhs. You do not need to get permission to open a play school in Delhi.

Step 2. Inquire about the preschools that are offering play school franchise opportunities in Delhi/NCR area. Analyze and identify the school franchise that matches your budget as well as your expectations. Make sure that the school franchise you choose offers admission assurance and full support.

Step 3. Select a suitable location to open the school. The location you choose should be close to the society so that it becomes easy for parents to visit the preschool for the admission of their child. Here, some playschool franchises will help you in selecting the location and property for the school. If you have your own property then it will be better for you. Because this will reduce your monthly rent and other costs.

Step 5. Once the play school is set up and ready to launch. Then your franchisor will help you in your brand awareness about the school at that particular location. Most school franchises will assist you with the digital marketing of your school launch.

Step 6. Now launch your preschool after hiring suitable staff. The franchisor will also assist you with recruitment. Get the school curriculum from the franchisor and activate your school for admission. These steps are enough to start a preschool in Delhi NCR area.

All the above steps will be very easy for you if you partner with the Grow Inn Steps Preschool Franchise. We offer the most lucrative play-school franchise opportunities in the Delhi/NCR region.

Benefits of Starting a Play School Franchise:

Why Choose to Grow Inn Steps to Start Preschool in Delhi:            

Guaranteed Entry:

We provide guaranteed admission to 100 students over a period of 2 years from starting pre-school. Hardly any franchise will give you such an offer.

360-Degree Support:

Support includes online marketing, offline marketing, and other assistance if needed. All you have to do is manage school without any stress. We provide end-to-end support to franchise partners.

Curricular Support:

Our playgroup is run by academicians and doctors. The curriculum is designed to enhance the strong intelligence of the students. You just need to follow the syllabus.

Training and Recruitment:

We not only assist you with recruitment but we will also help you train the recruited staff and teachers. The training is delivered by our expert professionals at the corporate office of Grow Inn Steps Preschool.

Minimum investment required:

The total minimum investment required to open a play school franchise in Delhi NCR region is around Rs 12-15 lakh. It depends on the area and its locations. So the cost of playschool franchise will be around 12 lakhs which also depends on the city.

No royalties till break even:

The best thing about our school franchise is that you do not need to pay any kind of royalty fees until you achieve the break-even point. There is no burden on you to share the royalty fees up to the break-even point.

Buyback Guarantee:

If you do not want to continue the franchise after 2 years then we will buy back your franchise for just Rs 2 lakh less. Therefore, your investment is safe here as we are giving you a sell-back option with the franchise.

Innovative Preschool:

Our curriculum includes creative methods of teaching. We use innovative teaching methods to enhance the skills of children. GS works towards identifying and then enhancing the core intelligences of children.

100% return on investment:

Our school franchise system is designed in such a way that it gives 100% return on your investment. This means that the amount you spent on the franchise will be returned to you after one year.

Multiple Revenue Streams:

Apart from getting benefits from just a nursery, you can also equip your school with daycare facilities. There are many programs after school like singing, dancing, yoga classes and other events.

100% Academic Assistance:

You don’t have to worry about academics. Implementing our curriculum along with our educational support will solve your educational-related issues. GS Group is run by academicians who have 30+ years of experience in the education and learning industry.


Don’t worry, there is no legal action regarding running a preschool in a residential area. If you have decided to open a play school in your city, then you are at the right place. Grow Inn Steps School is the most innovative play school in Rohini, Delhi. GS offers the most profitable preschool franchise opportunities in your city. From identifying and finalizing the property to setting up a beautiful playschool, we are with you. We provide 360-degree support to our preschool franchise partners. Apart from this, we have more than 10 preschool franchises in India. After the launch of the school, all you have to do is manage your school and we will do the rest for you.  We will help you in running your school successfully. If you still have any doubts, ask your questions to our experts.

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