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Do you want to start a daycare franchise playschool or nursery? look no further. Our blog will give you information on how to start a daycare franchise anywhere in India in 2023.

Furthermore, we will share with you some of the best daycare franchises in India that you can choose from immediately.

Have you wondered why daycare franchise business is gaining popularity in India? Easy. Parents are becoming more aware of how important a quality crèche is for the overall development of their children as they learn more about early childhood development and schooling. They look for places where they can learn new things and grow differently.

Therefore, with the increasing population, crèche services are becoming more and more common in India. This is a great opportunity to invest money in this industry.

Top 5 Daycare Franchises in India for 2023

The top franchises for childcare franchises are listed below. The top 5 daycare franchises are the same as in previous years, indicating a stable market situation.

1. Grow Inn Steps

Grow Inn Steps was founded in 2016 and launched its franchising program in January of the same year. The facility offers a variety of educational programs, such as playschool, daycare and nursery.

Presently Mr. Anshul Goel is working as the President. “Discovering the talent in your child” is the tagline of the company, and kindergarten is one of the services they provide. With the cooperation of this institute, the personality of the child will develop.

  • Franchise Investment- Rs 5-10 lakhs

2. Kidzee

Kidzie, Asia’s largest preschool chain, focuses on providing a child-centric curriculum that promotes academic development and personal enrichment. Its association with Z Learn Limited has yielded favorable results.

Kidzie Franchise offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to open and operate their own preschool, contributing to the educational landscape. Kidzee encourages a collaborative journey that aims to enhance the quality of early childhood education and create a lasting impact on the lives of young learners.

  • Franchise Investment- around Rs 12 lakh

3. Bachpan

Established in 2004, Childhood has grown rapidly in the education sector, with over 1200 play schools across India. With a holistic mission, Childhood provides diverse and thoughtfully designed offerings to cater to various aspects of a child’s development.

With over 1000 franchise units, the institute has established over 1000 franchise units and has had a significant impact on the educational landscape. Childhood’s commitment to excellence and hygiene ensures a safe and conducive learning environment, leaving a lasting impact on India’s educational landscape.

  • Franchise Investment – Rs 5-10 lakh

4. Little millennium

Little Millennium, established in 2014, is a leading early childhood education company with over 250 franchise units. With a focus on holistic child development, Little Millennium aims to foster a society that nurtures and encourages the mental, physical and spiritual development of children.

Their philosophy is based on recreational play activities and collaborative group projects, emphasizing cognitive, social and creative development. Their thriving daycare franchise in India is a testament to their reputation for excellence in child care and education.

Little Millennium’s commitment towards holistic development, innovative practices, and nurturing the environment has made it a trusted name in the industry.

Little Millennium Preschool in India has grown rapidly with 250 centers and 100 thousand children, providing significant profit potential to franchisees.

  • Franchise Investment- Rs 10-15 lakh

5. Footprints

Footprints Childcare, founded in 2012, provides home-like care across 15 cities and 106 centers in India. They provide a world-class adult-child ratio, live CCTV, trained staff, and daily reports on children’s activities, feeding, and sleep. They provide loving, caring advisors, nurturing support at home, and complete transparency for parents to meet at any time.

  • Franchise Investment- Rs 25-35 lakh

Why Invest in a Daycare Franchise?

Daycare Franchise Opportunities:

Interest is growing due to the increasing focus on early childhood education.

It is essential to do careful research before investing in a franchise.

Investment and Returns:

  • Franchise investment is important; In-depth study is required.
  • Franchise purchasing offers a safe option with quick returns.
  • The franchisor handles aspects such as structure and curriculum maintenance.

Benefits of Daycare Franchise:

  • The rigorous management structure for Play School Franchise.
  • Established reputation and recognized brand name.
  • Higher parental trust reduces risk.

Efficient Operation:

  • The franchise provides tools for efficient operations.

Monitoring and implementing established practices.

Training & Workshops:

  • Franchisors provide training for teachers and staff.
  • Increases the operational efficiency of the school.

Market trends and growth of daycare franchises in India

According to IMARC Group’s latest report titled “Indian Daycare/Childcare Market: Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunities and Forecast 2023-2028”, the Indian daycare/childcare market size is expected to reach 3.8% in 2022. Reached billion US dollars. Looking ahead, IMARC Group expects the market to reach US$7.3 billion by 2028, exhibiting a growth rate (CAGR) of 11.2% during 2023-2028.

Daycare refers to a facility or program that provides care and education to young children, usually between the ages of three and five years. These programs are designed to provide a nurturing and motivating environment for young children to learn and develop essential skills such as socialization, language development, and cognitive skills.

Daycare facilities can be found in a variety of settings, including schools, community centers, churches, and private homes. Preschool and childcare programs play a vital role in early childhood education and overall development, providing children with a strong foundation for future learning.

Even though crèche franchises are becoming more popular, it is important to remember that they still face problems such as maintaining high standards, keeping prices low, and adapting to the needs of different cultures. But the general trend shows that the need for organized and high-quality childcare services is increasing in India.

This is one reason why daycare franchises are so popular. Here are some of the trends contributing to the growth of daycare franchises in India.

The need for reliable childcare services has increased as more women enter the labor force. As more and more families are relying on two parents to make ends meet, quality child care during the day has become an essential need.

Due to increasing urbanization, families are becoming smaller and extended family members are becoming increasingly dispersed. As a result, families cannot always rely on outside help for child care, increasing the desirability of daycare.

The importance of educating children at an early age is becoming more apparent to parents nowadays. They look for daycare facilities that provide a stimulating and educational environment for their children.

Some crèche chains are implementing digital methods of parent-teacher interaction, child-growth monitoring, and information dissemination. Parents in modern times appreciate this tech-savvy strategy.

Parents who prioritize the all-round development of their children are increasingly interested in crèche franchises that take a comprehensive approach to the development of their children.

After-school programs, extra-curricular activities, and special learning modules are just a few examples of how many crèche franchises are expanding their services. This is attractive to parents who want an omnichannel option for caring for their children.

Daycare franchises gain reputation and attract parents looking for high-quality educational services when they partner with educational institutions and child development experts.

Franchises in the childcare industry are increasingly emphasizing individualized instruction and parent involvement. Parents who want to be involved in their children’s development will appreciate this personalized strategy.

Last but not least, the Government of India has enacted laws and measures to promote the education of young children. Due to this, the nursery franchise industry has flourished.


When choosing a daycare franchise, consider factors such as brand reputation, training and support, and other franchise success. Align your budget with the brand’s investment needs.

Use a comparative flowchart to determine the minimum initial investment for each brand, so you can determine the best fit for your needs.

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