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The National Education Policy released by the Ministry of Education, Government of India, in July 2020, states the importance of early schooling among children. According to the new policy, schooling begins from age 3 and incorporates the National Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) policy adopted by the Indian government in 2013. Both policies have accelerated the growth of private preschool facilities in the country’s urban centers. According to surveys, 8 out of 10 children between the ages of 3 and 6 are enrolled in some ECCE programs, with nearly 62 percent of enrolled children attending private preschools, mostly in urban areas. 

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India and the country’s fastest-growing metropolis, continues to witness a steady rise in private preschool facilities as well, facilitating high-quality and convenient education for children. As more and more kindergarten franchises continue to pop up across the city, parents face a serious problem – which preschool to choose for their kids. 

This article will explore ten super-helpful tips to help you find the best preschool franchise in Bangalore

Why choose a kindergarten school franchise for your kids?

Kindergarten school franchises are becoming increasingly popular as parents are actively looking for advanced ways to provide their children with the best education possible as early as possible. Unlike independent preschools, a preschool franchise has a structured system usually backed by a scientific learning model. 

Moreover, kindergarten franchises offer advanced resources to boost the cognitive aptitude of your child, that are often almost non-existent in independent preschools. Indeed, choosing a kindergarten school franchise offers numerous advantages for parents and children alike – from providing quality educational experiences to offering more comprehensive curriculums.  

Benefits of choosing the best preschool franchise in Bangalore 

By choosing the best preschool franchise in Bangalore, you will give your little one the best start in life. A top-level, renowned kindergarten school franchise will offer:

Quality education: 

Enrolling your child in a renowned preschool franchise will ensure that your kid receives the highest quality early education from experienced teachers. Since all kindergarten school franchises only hire professionals who are trained in early childhood development, you can be assured that your child is under the best possible care. The curriculum offered by these schools also follows state standards, ensuring that a child’s learning experience meets all necessary requirements. 

Supportive environment: 

A good kindergarten school franchise provides an environment where children feel safe and encouraged throughout learning. Additionally, many kindergartens offer after-school activities which help foster valuable social skills among children. 

Flexible teaching: 

Another benefit of enrolling your child in a kindergarten franchise is the flexibility it regarding curriculum, activities, and learning time. Most franchised schools allow parents to choose when classes start and end each day, giving them more control over how much time their kids spend at school each week. 

Daycare option: 

Some of the leading preschool franchises offer parents daycare facilities as well, enabling working parents to ensure their child remains safe and sound under guided supervision while they work. 

Tips for choosing the best preschool franchise in Bangalore

There are several renowned kindergarten school franchises in Bangalore, offering many choices. However, this can alternately make your decision-making more tiresome, as you will have to consider several parameters before settling on ‘the one’. To make finding the best preschool in Bangalore more convenient for you, we have compiled a list of 10 outstanding tips that will allow you to narrow down your choices.

Define your priorities 

Before you start looking for preschools in Bangalore, sit down with a pen and paper and jot down your priorities. For example, ask yourself: 

What type of preschool environment will work best for my kid? 

  • How far should the preschool be from my house, workplace, or both?
  • What resources would I like to have in hand?
  • Does my kid want to be a part of any after-school activities?
  • Do I need daycare facilities as well?

Asking yourself these questions will help you uncover precise answers and define your priorities well. This will help you shortlist preschool franchises in Bangalore based on your and your kid’s specific needs and requirements. 

Check for economic viability.

The best schools are often the most expensive ones. The same goes for preschools. But this does not mean that schools and preschools with lower amount of fees are bad. So, while shortlisting kindergartens for your kid, it is important that you remove yourself from this bias and look for options with reasonable fee structures and, most importantly, a good academic ecosystem. 

Consider the core values.

Every preschool has its core values that define its philosophical approach toward education and learning. While looking for the best preschool franchise in Bangalore, you must conduct thorough research regarding the core values and teaching approach of the kindergartens. An ideal option would be to choose a kindergarten school franchise with a scientifically-validated, consolidated approach toward learning. 

Ensure it meets your child’s requirements.

Is your child a slow learner who needs individual attention? Or does your kid learn through a creative agency? Every child has a different requirement, and choosing a preschool franchise that meets these unique requirements is extremely important for effective development.

Check the quality of the infrastructure.

A good school is nothing without its infrastructure. Make sure the preschool you choose for your kid has everything it needs within its boundaries – from tidy and well-maintained classrooms and clean, hygienic washrooms to adequately sized play areas for extracurricular activities and play learning.

Find out what curriculum it follows.

How your child learns to absorb knowledge and hone skills depends a lot on the preschool curriculum. So do your research on the type of curriculum and method of teaching the school follows, i.e., whether they have a structured or unstructured curriculum. 

Determine whether there is an academic and extra-curricular balance

Academic excellence is critical, but so are extracurricular activities and divergent learning. So, shortlist your ideal kindergarten by checking whether the preschool provides a well-curated balance between academic and extra-curricular learning, regardless of their curriculum and method of teaching. 

Pay a visit to the preschool.

Websites and prospectus offer a good overview of the preschool, but visiting the preschool will help you identify its pros and cons from the ground level. Assess the location of the preschool and its surrounding areas and the environment within its boundary. Paying a visit will also offer you a good opportunity to inspect the security features of the kindergarten in person.

Check the quality of the teachers & the staff.

While visiting the preschool premises, make sure that you do a quick overview of the quality and qualifications of the teaching and non-teaching staff and how they interact with the children. Paying attention to these nuances can reveal a great deal about the preschool beyond its website and brochures.

Talk to the other parents. 

There’s nothing like speaking to parents of the kids already enrolled in the preschool to make a sound decision. Asking them about their opinion of the school will help you identify both the positive and negative aspects, allowing you to make an informed decision. 

Summing up

With all the options available in the city, selecting the best preschool franchise in Bangalore can be overwhelming. But with thorough research and an exhaustive evaluation based on the above tips, you can confidently decide on the best kindergarten school franchise school for your child.


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